Private Visa (Homestay Visa)

To apply for a Private visa, an applicant should submit the following set of documents:

  1. Printed appointment confirmation.

  2. A completed visa application form from

  3. Passport (Copies of the passport and residence visa).

  4. One picture of an applicant (35x45 mm).

  5. Medical insurance valid in the country to be visited and fully covering the period of the first trip.

  6. Visa Support document which is invitation from your Russian host issued by the Federal Migration Service or its local office (only original of the document is accepted).


Private visas for the relatives (husband, wife, minor child) of the Russian Citizen who has residency in UAE.

If your wife or husband is a Russian Citizen with valid Russian Foreign Passport and UAE residency and you intend to travel to Russia together she\he may submit application to the Consular Section to issue Private Visa for you or (and) your joint minor child. This type of visa can be valid for the period up to 90 days only (single or double entry).


Documents required additionally to the normal set:

  • Additional application in the name of the Consular Section signed by the Russian applicant;

  • Copy of the valid Russian Foreign Passport of the applicant-Russian citizen and document confirming her\his UAE residency;

  • Original or copy of Marriage Certificate or Child's Birth Certificate;

  • Travel document (flight ticket etc.) confirming the dates of the trip mentioned in the application form.