Speech of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation at the reception

on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory Day

(Dubai, 10 May 2015)

Your Excellencies,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and gentlemen,    

Dear friends,


There are historic dates in the history of every nation, importance of which does not wane as time inexorably passes by. On the contrary, every new decade highlights their greatness with an increasing power. For all of us the 9th of May is such kind of day.



Battles and victorious salute salvos of the Great Patriotic War thundered 70 years ago. Since then several generations have taken turns and many events have happened, but none of them can be compared with this Victory. The day of the 9th of May was, is and will remain a sacred date for all of the Commonwealth of Independent States countries.


On this day every year we are united by the memory, the pride for the courage and dedication of our peoples during that War, as well as by the grief about those who did not come back from fierce and righteous battles. It is hard to find a family, which was not singed by the fiery breath of the War. Our moral duty is to always remember those who hastened the Victory both on the battlefield and on the home front, not sparing themselves. We must do everything possible to keep this memory solid and unshakable for future generations, to pass them the spirit of our historical brotherhood, common aspirations and hopes.


For the generations, that were born after 1945, the orders and medals of the soldiers of the Victory are not mere evidences of courage. Their shine keeps the flashes of the Eternal Fire which is a Fire of the memory about those who remained at battlefields defending till last breath or fighting back a span of the native land in the last assault.


The Victory was forged on the battlefield and on the home front, achieved by underground resistance and partisan's operations behind the enemy lines, brought closer by the courage of the besieged Leningrad, bravery of the defenders of Sevastopol, fortitude of the multinational garrison of the Brest Fortress, the valor of thousands of soldiers, standing rigidly on their positions.


The fierce battles of Moscow and Stalingrad, Kursk and Dnieper determined the outcome of the whole Second World War. The iron will of our fathers and grandfathers, their courage and resilience saved Europe from slavery.


It was the courageous peoples of the Soviet Union who pursued the Nazis into their dens, strived for their full and final defeat, paid the cost of millions of lives and terrible ordeals.


We thank our veterans. On this great day they are the dearest and the closest ones. There are no such profound words of gratitude that will be able to express our respect for them. They not only went through the years of war with honor but also restored the country, worked for the common good, knew how to be friends and enjoy life. Their bequeathal to us is to keep this height - the height of creation, unity and love for the Motherland.


The date of the 9th of May by right takes a special place not only in the history of our countries. Collective memory of the mankind keeps pictures of terrible battles of the past, during which the invaders burned entire villages, ruined houses and temples, destroyed treasures of civilizations.


We will always cherish the sacred, unfading truth, and will not allow forgetting and betraying heroes, all those who did not spare himself and kept the peace on the planet.


We fought and won together. Our countries made a decisive contribution to the defeat of Nazi Germany, they brought the greatest sacrifices on the altar of the Great Victory and we should never forget about it. Neither will we forget about the sizeable and important contribution of all countries-members of the anti-Hitler coalition.


As for us, today we are in charge of preventing the attempts to rewrite the history of World War II, to whitewash Nazi criminals, to revive their ideology and practices, to forget terrible victims of the Hitlerism.


It is our duty to those who died on the battlefields, in the gas chambers, suffered starvation, cold and diseases. It is the only way to preserve the historical memory and to protect our children and grandchildren against the virus of fascism.


We will always remember soldiers who did not return from the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War. We bow to those who survived, who worked on the home front, bringing this bright day closer, those who lived through the hardships of the post-war years, those who believed and waited.


We wish you peaceful and clear sky, we wish kindness, understanding and happiness to each family, as well as stability and prosperity.


Glory to the peoples - the victors!

Congratulations on the Victory Day!